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The full time CPA that quit her job to design, build and sell houses.

We love success stories, and we love sharing them over and over again. Lan Trinh was on the podcast in November 2019, and she had left her job as a CPA to design, build and sell houses. She recently shared with us some samples of a project that she has just finished.

When sharing this, she wanted to point out that while she's happy to share samples of her work, she's reluctant to take on clients. When I offered this as a chance to drive some leads she had this to say:

"Oh, we don't take clients. I have had requests but I like working for myself."

Here are some shots from before Lan got her hands on this property:

Here are the "after" shots. Incredible!

If you like her work, you'll need to wait until she's done and bid on the house itself. Wonderful work Lan!

Click here to listen to her episode.

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