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How can we help you?

A temporary, strategic service that offers experience to help companies with identifying their opportunities and growth potential

Are you feeling any of these things?

  • You are spending too much time working in your business and not on your business.

  • You are feeling constantly overwhelmed and struggling daily in your company.

  • You know you need to strengthen and solidify your leadership team.

  • Your company needs to grow significantly in scale operations.

What could we help you with?

We've done it all - retailer side, vendor side, distributer and broker


Cost effective way to access a retail expert.

Get help with Marketing, building campaigns, SEO, SEM, email marketing, marketing and sales collateral


Trade Marketing, Sales Management; call cycles, sales forecasting, sku mix, profit and loss 

Other things that we can do to make your life easier

Keep the CEO on track for the future

Smooth out operational process - find efficiency in the everyday

Team Chemistry

  • Adapting to the role the CEO currently plays in the company - helping them see past the day to day operations and anticipate the future

  • Moving Founders to CEO’s

  • Developing longer term strategic plans and helping the team to execute on those

  • Optimizing process, working through bottlenecks, resourcing, training to help organizations be more efficient | Developing SOP’s

  • Analytics and data decision making processes to help find ‘sticky’ areas

  • Forecasting / Budgeting - data driven mechanics for better day to day operations

  • Ensure the teams are delivering what they are supposed to

  • We help to build culture and close the gap between the CEO and the group

  • Provide feedback, coaching and discipline to keep all groups in line

Why Hire Us?

  • We work remotely with your company. This saves you from creating a separate executive office.

  • We do not require an elaborate executive hiring process — thus, you do not have to build separate HR processes for just one position.

  • Being a contract employee, we do not require executive benefits, bonuses or perks.

  • Try-it-before-you-buy-it experience, allowing you to kick the tires and determine what you need from a full-time COO.

  • We're here to work ourselves out of a job — we focus on building your company so you can truly afford a full-time COO in the future, and we can even help you find and hire our replacement.

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Ex Retailers, Executive Experience running companies

We're experienced retail folks with management experience. We love helping teams gel, and getting processes going. 

Want to know how we can help your company?

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