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Repost: The RetailWire Podcast | Meet The BRAINTRUST | Phil Chang

Phil was featured on Retailwire's podcast. Head here to watch the Youtube version, or search for 'RetailWire' in Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Welcome to The RetailWire Podcast! In this episode, our host Brian engages in an insightful conversation with Phil Chang, a fractional CMO and COO, who specializes in providing temporary expert help to companies in marketing and operations.

During the interview, Phil explains his role in identifying goals and solving problems for businesses. He emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers' emotional truth and how it shapes effective marketing strategies. The conversation delves into the significance of data in decision-making and the role it plays in driving successful retail operations. Beyond his expertise, Phil shares his experience in teaching, podcasting, and consulting, offering a well-rounded perspective on various aspects of the industry.

The discussion even touches on topics like cooking, recipes, and the sustainability of microground tea. As the conversation progresses, Phil provides advice he would give to his younger self, highlighting the importance of continuous learning, curiosity, and maintaining a clear vision and identity for companies.

Wrapping up the episode, Brian and Phil discuss future conversations and how listeners can get in touch with Phil for further discussions and insights.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The RetailWire Podcast, where we explore the dynamic world of retail through engaging conversations with industry experts like Phil Chang. Stay connected and be on the lookout for more captivating episodes that provide valuable insights and wisdom to help navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape.


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