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Unlock a new community with This Commerce Life! Partnering with us opens doors to a vibrant community passionate about Canadian retail. From compelling mid-roll promotions on our widely-loved podcast to innovative contra deals, our collaborations thrive on authenticity and shared success. Join the conversation, elevate your brand, and resonate with a dynamic audience immersed in the world of retail. Your journey to meaningful connections and impactful visibility starts here!

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Our Partners

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This Commerce Life


Why us?

Designed to be simple.​

Designed to give you the maximum impact for your money.

Cheering on Canadian success stories motivates us.​​ 

We’ll work to fit your brands, retailers into our podcast rotation. Their amazing stories are good for us too.

Partnering with This Commerce Life Podcast offers exposure to a diverse and engaged audience passionate about Canadian retail. Leverage our extensive reach to enhance your brand visibility.

Benefit from authentic, engaging content that resonates with our listeners. Partnering with us means aligning your brand with genuine conversations and stories, fostering a deeper connection with your target audience.

Our partnership options are versatile, ranging from contra deals to mid-roll promotions. We offer flexibility to tailor collaborations according to your unique goals and preferences, ensuring a mutually beneficial and customized experience.


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