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The Complete Guide to Online-to-Offline Marketing for CPG Brands

We would love to say that we wrote this, but you'd know different right away. Kenny and I had a chance to be a part of Social Nature's wonderful guide. This is a year old now, but as we all get back from the summer and ramp up, it's still very relevant reading and has lots of insights. (we sound smart in this too!)

We're heading into a fall where recession is weighing heavily in the consumer's mind, brands and retailers are butting heads over rising cost of goods, and there is a flux between online habits, in-store habits. The summer has been rife with worries around how to manage rising costs in raw materials and shipping, and running out of materials and going out of stock.

We thought it would be a good time to remind our listeners and readers of some fundamentals that will be true for some time to come on how to convert consumers to shoppers and how to drive sales and traffic to your online and offline locations.

Download this if you need to:

+ Build targeted online demand

+ Convert it to in-store purchase

+ Collect consumer reviews and feedback

+ Build loyalty with purchasers

This guide is authored by Jessica Malach, and has tips from 16 CPG contributers. It gives you a powerful playbook for owning the online-to-offline consumer journey.

These tips and best practices from industry experts about the future of retail marketing for CPG brands will help you plan successful new product launches, and scale your company mindfully.

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