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It's tough times right now. How to take a step back before stepping forward

CPG and retail have some controversial issues right now - Loblaws, supply issues, price increases and cost of goods increases, but as with always, we'll make it through. For most entrepreneurs who are worried about running their business day to day, this is little comfort.

In case you missed our #fastthoughts

Photo by Tim Gouw: with Jessica Malach from Social Nature,

we talked about this very thing - about how to take a step back and taking stock of where are you are before you put your entrepreneur hat on and grind away at the problems before you. You can watch it here.

Three things to think about:

  1. Stop. Take a deep breath, have a look around. Utilize resources to get a slightly different perspective

  2. Learn to let go. Find your path to 12-18 months from now, let go of the things that are going to keep you from getting there

  3. Follow the data to help you reformat your path.

Jessica and Social Nature also put together a great set of survey data utilizing shopper data based on their 1M+ user base.

Key takeaways:

  • Trends and differences among different consumer profiles from Gen Z, to urban professionals, and suburban families.

  • What the opportunities are for growing market share for your natural CPG brand

  • How to retain current shoppers and win new ones

You can find their article here

Another video that might be interesting for you:

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