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My Favorite Episodes

When we get new listeners, I often get asked where they should start with our episodes.

At 246 episodes and counting, it's hard to know where to begin after listening to the most current episode.

While I have a few different recommendations that I'll share, the first ones I start with are the ones that are my favorite. No rhyme or reason, except for the explanations I give below.

Without further ado, here are my favorite 3 episodes:

Sarah (Brazier) Rochacewich, Owner of Aunt Sarah's Chocolate shop talks about leaving CPG to open her own shop

I love this episode because 1) I love her chocolate, and 2) she comes from (literally) the same space as I do - and went against the grain to do what she wanted to do. CPG pro moves to Newfoundland opens a chocolate shop in a teenie tiny town and blows up. She now makes ice cream too by the way. :)

She's building an alternate dimension for cheese. CEO of Blue Heron Creamery Karen McAthy goes visionary on the knuckleheads

I'll be honest, when Karen starts geeking out on cheese, I get lost in this episode. I'm attracted to her passion for her art, and how she thinks about things differently. Plus, yes you guessed it - I love her cheese.

Jeff B Smith retires from running a Fortune 100 company, starts 8 brands and an incubator

How do I leave an article without marveling at how this man doesn't sleep?? His retired life is busier than my working life. Not a day goes by that I'm not looking at his Linkedin and shaking my head.

Remarkable stories, remarkable people. I'll be back with more - so blessed to have these people in my circle of influence.

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